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Dance Class

Our Classes

At our Academy we believe that dance is an excellent form of artistic expression, physical exercise and personal growth.  We offer a variety of classes for all ages and skill levels, taught by experienced and passionate teachers who strive to help each student achieve their full potential.   

We currently offer ballet, hip hop, musical theatre dance and acrodance for children and ballet, hip hop, contemporary and stretch and strengthening for adults.  Whether you are a beginner looking to try dance for the first time or an experienced dancer looking to improve your technique, we have a class that will suit your needs.  

We pride ourselves on providing a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where students can feel comfortable and confident as they explore the world of dance.  Our classes emphasise not only the technical aspects of dance but also the joy and creativity that comes with expressing oneself through movement.  

We invite you to explore our classes and find the one that inspires you.  We look forward to welcoming you into our dance community and helping you discover the joy and benefits of dance. 

To register for classes please click the button below.  

Musical Theatre Dance

In our group musical theatre classes, students embark on a captivating journey that combines the art of dance.  These classes cater to aspiring performers of all ages and skill levels, offering an immersive and exhilarating experience in the world of musical theatre dance.  

Structured to provide a comprehensive education, our classes focus on building essential performance skills.  Students will explore various dance styles, from jazz to contemporary, while honing their acting techniques.  Through engaging warm-ups, theatre games and ensemble work, students develop the confidence and versatility needed to excel on stage.

Our experienced teachers, with a passion for musical theatre, guide students in mastering emotional expression through dance.  We encourage a supportive and collaborative environment where students can grow together as a cohesive ensemble, fostering lasting friendships and a sense of camaraderie.  Join us and let your star shine bright in the world of musical theatre!


In our group ballet dance classes, students embark on a graceful and disciplined journey that celebrates the artistry and beauty of ballet.  These classes offer a nurturing and inclusive environment for dancers of all ages and levels to experience the timeless tradition and technique of classical ballet.

Students will engage in a series of barre exercises and center work, where they will refine their technique and develop an understanding of ballet vocabulary and movement quality. Through adage, allegro, and pirouette exercises, they will hone their skills and musicality, enhancing their ability to tell a story through dance.

Our group ballet classes foster a sense of discipline, dedication and artistry while encouraging students to explore their artistic expression.  Whether you dream of dancing professionally or simply desire the elegance and poise that ballet offers, our classes provide a supportive and inspiring environment for all dancers to flourish.

Join us at and experience the joy and discipline of ballet, where every plié, tendu and grand jeté becomes a testament to the power and grace of the human body in motion.

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Hip Hop

In our group hip-hop dance classes, students embark on an energetic and dynamic journey into the world of hip-hop culture and movement.  These classes offer a vibrant and inclusive environment for dancers of all ages and backgrounds to explore the expressive and rhythmic style of hip-hop dance.

Students will learn a variety of hip-hop moves, including popping, locking and breaking, as they develop their own unique style.  Through engaging choreography and improvisation exercises, they will learn to express themselves through the infectious beats and rhythms of hip-hop music.

Our group hip-hop classes foster a sense of community and encourage dancers to embrace their creativity and personality.  Students will be inspired to bring their own flair and attitude to each movement, making every routine a unique reflection of their individuality.

Join us and experience the energy and excitement of hip-hop dance.  Whether you're a seasoned hip-hop enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, our classes provide a fun and supportive space to discover the artistry and spirit of hip-hop culture through movement and music.

Adult Contemporary

Our adult contemporary dance class is tailored for individuals new to contemporary dance or those seeking a graceful and expressive outlet for movement in a friendly and encouraging environment.  

The class centres around introducing fundamental contemporary dance techniques, commencing with a thorough warm-up and foundational exercises.  Participants learn basic contemporary dance principles, including fluidity of movement, use of space and body awareness.

As the class progresses, centre exercises incorporate more intricate choreography that explores emotional expression and connection to the music.  Participants will engage in movements such as contractions, releases and floor work, fostering a deeper understanding of contemporary dance aesthetics.

The supportive ambiance of the class encourages adults to explore their creativity and artistic expression comfortably.  The session concludes with a cool-down, promoting flexibility and ensuring a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for participants of all levels.

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Gymnasts with Balls

In our group acro dancer classes, students are invited to embark on an exhilarating journey that seamlessly merges the captivating world of acrobatics with the artistry of dance. These classes provide a vibrant and inclusive environment where children of various age groups can explore the thrill of acro dancing while developing valuable skills and building lasting friendships.

Students will engage in a series of dynamic exercises and choreography that showcase the perfect blend of strength, flexibility and creativity.  Through partner balances, lifts and fluid transitions, participants will master impressive acrobatic moves that become an integral part of their dance routines.

The heart of our group acro dancer classes lies in the combination of physical prowess and artistic expression. Participants will learn the intricacies of acrobatic techniques while also discovering how to convey emotions and narratives through movement.  From cartwheels to seamless aerial tricks, every step of the journey enhances their coordination, control and storytelling abilities.

Together, let's celebrate the fusion of acrobatics and dance in a supportive and exhilarating environment that encourages each participant to shine both on and off the stage.

Adult Hip Hop

Our adult hip-hop class is designed for individuals new to hip hop or those looking to enjoy a lively and fitness-oriented experience in a welcoming and relaxed setting.  

The class focuses on introducing fundamental hip hop movements and styles, starting with a dynamic warm-up and foundational exercises.  Participants learn basic hip hop steps, grooves and coordination during the class.  As the session progresses, participants explore various hip hop dance elements, including isolations, body waves and dynamic footwork.  

The supportive and encouraging atmosphere of the class provides a comfortable space for adults to delve into the world of hip hop.  The session concludes with a cool-down to promote flexibility and ensure an enjoyable and fitness-enhancing experience for all participants. 

Dance Class
Adult Ballet

Our adult ballet class provides an introduction for adults new to ballet or those seeking a fun and fitness-focused experience in a friendly and non-intimidating environment.  

The class emphasises fundamental movements and positions, starting with a warm-up and barre exercises where participants learn basic ballet postures and coordination. Progressing to centre exercises, the class includes elements of balance, turns and simple jumps, with a focus on proper technique, alignment and musicality. 

The friendly, supportive atmosphere encourages adults to explore ballet comfortably and the session concludes with a cool-down and stretching, promoting fitness and ensuring an enjoyable experience for all participants.  

Adult Stretch and Strengthening

Our adult stretch and strengthening class is crafted for individuals of all levels who seek to enhance flexibility and build strength in a supportive and inclusive environment.  The class focuses on a comprehensive warm-up to prepare the body for targeted stretching and strengthening exercises.  Participants engage in a variety of stretches that target major muscle groups, promoting improved flexibility and range of motion.

Throughout the session, emphasis is placed on proper technique and alignment to ensure participants receive the maximum benefits from each exercise.  Strengthening exercises may include bodyweight exercises, resistance training and core workouts to build muscular endurance and tone.

The class provides a positive and encouraging atmosphere, allowing individuals to progress at their own pace and tailor the intensity to their fitness level.  The session concludes with a cool-down, promoting relaxation and flexibility, ensuring a well-rounded and enjoyable experience for participants working towards improved flexibility and strength.

Yoga Pose
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In our group Highland Dance classes, students immerse themselves in the rich tradition and energetic spirit of Scottish dance. Led by an experienced teacher, these classes offer a blend of precise footwork, graceful movements and lively music, helping students enhance their coordination, agility and cultural appreciation. Students will learn a variety of Highland Dance steps, including flings, sword dances and reels, while also exploring the storytelling aspect of this dynamic dance form. Our group Highland Dance classes foster a sense of community, discipline, and cultural connection, providing a supportive and inspiring environment for dancers of all ages and levels to flourish.

Join us and experience the joy and excitement of Highland Dance, where every step becomes a celebration of Scottish heritage and artistic expression.


In our Pointe classes, students embark on a graceful and technically challenging journey that celebrates the artistry and beauty of ballet at its highest level. These classes are offered on the recommendation of our teachers, ensuring that students have developed the necessary strength, technique and understanding of ballet fundamentals before beginning Pointe work.

Led by our experienced teachers, our Pointe classes provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for dancers to refine their technique and explore the art of dancing on Pointe shoes. Students will engage in a series of barre exercises and centre work, focusing on developing ankle strength, proper alignment and balance.

Our Pointe classes foster a sense of discipline, dedication, and artistry, offering a supportive and inspiring environment for dancers who aspire to reach their full potential in ballet.

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