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Young Ballerinas

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Extra-Curricular Activities

Are you looking to enrich your students' educational experience beyond the classroom?  At British Dance Academy we specialise in providing high-quality extra-curricular dance classes that not only ignite creativity and passion but also contribute to the holistic development of your students.  We invite you to explore the benefits of partnering with us to offer ballet, hip hop, acro-dance, jazz, musical theatre, tap, and contemporary dance programmes right within the walls of your school.

Why partner with us?

Expertise and Excellence

Our team of experienced dance teachers brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various dance styles.  Your students will learn from professionals who are dedicated to nurturing their talents and fostering a deep appreciation for the art of dance.

Diverse Dance Offerings

Our comprehensive range of dance styles ensures that every student finds a form of expression that resonates with them. From the grace of ballet to the energy of hip hop, our classes cater to a wide spectrum of interests and preferences.

Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that each school has unique requirements.  Our programmes can be customised to align with your scheduling, space and curricular goals, ensuring a seamless integration into your school's extra-curricular offerings.


Holistic Development

Beyond dance techniques, our classes emphasise teamwork, discipline, creativity and self-confidence.  These essential life skills contribute to well-rounded personal growth and academic success.

Convenience for Parents

By hosting our classes on-site, you're providing a convenient solution for parents.  Students can participate in enriching activities right after school, minimising the need for additional transportation.

How to partner with us

Reach Out

Contact us to express your interest in our extra-curricular dance programmes by emailing us at


We'll work closely with your school to tailor our programmes to your specific needs and preferences.


Our experienced teachers will seamlessly integrate the classes into your school's schedule and facilities.


Experience the Magic

Watch your students flourish as they immerse themselves in the world of dance and self-discovery.  

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