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Getting Ready for Dance Exams: Tips for Young Dancers!

Hey Dance Fam!


Springtime brings new adventures for our young dancers as we gear up for our dance exams at British Dance Academy.  Here are some fun and helpful tips to get you ready and make sure you have a blast while doing it!


Step Into Success

Start Early: Begin practicing early so you can learn everything step by step without feeling rushed.

Practice Makes Perfect: Practice regularly to build confidence and make sure you remember all the moves.

Dance with Joy: Remember to dance with joy and express yourself through every movement.  The more you enjoy it, the more the examiner will too!


Keeping Cool and Focussed


Take Deep Breaths: If you ever feel nervous, take some deep breaths to calm your mind and focus on having fun.

Stay Organised: Prepare your dance wear and accessories the night before to avoid last-minute panic on the exam day.

Arrive Early: Arrive at least 45 minutes before the exam start time to allow for ample time to warm up, review your routines and address any last-minutes questions with your teacher.


The Fun of Practice

Daily Dance Time: Set aside a little time each day to practice at home. It's like a fun game that gets better with practice!

Class Attendance Reminder: Don't forget to attend all your classes leading up to the exam to ensure you're fully prepared. We recommend attending twice per week for the two months leading up to the exam. Your dedication and consistent practice will pay off!

Ask for Help: If you need help or have questions, don't be afraid to ask your teacher. 


Celebrate Every Step

Celebrate Progress: Celebrate every improvement you make, big or small.  Each step forward is a reason to be proud!

Stay Positive: Keep a positive attitude and believe in yourself.  You're a superstar in the making!


Let's Dance and Shine!


At British Dance Academy, we're so excited to see all our young dancers shine during our dance exams. Remember to have fun, dance with joy and show everyone the amazing dancer you are!

British Dance Academy offers dance classes in Dubai for children and adults and is the exclusive British Ballet Organisation approved examination centre in the UAE.

For more information, check out our website at or complete the Contact Us form at and we will get back to you.

Alternatively, WhatsApp our Student Support Hub on +971 58 850 3743.


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