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Our Syllabi and Examinations

The exclusive British Ballet Organisation approved examination centre in the UAE

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As an approved examination centre for the prestigious British Ballet Organisation (BBO), we offer a comprehensive range of examinations that are regulated by Ofqual in the UK and aligned with the British Ballet Organisation syllabi.

The British Ballet Organisation is renowned for its high standards and rigorous assessment criteria, ensuring that dancers receive comprehensive training and recognition for their talent and dedication. Our affiliation with BBO allows us to provide our students with structured syllabi that cover a wide range of dance styles and techniques, catering to dancers of all levels and aspirations.

The British Ballet Organisation is meticulously crafted to encompass a wide range of subjects, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to dance education. From classical ballet techniques to contemporary movement styles, the BBO syllabi are designed to inspire creativity, foster technical excellence and cultivate a deep appreciation for the art of dance.

One of the key advantages of pursuing BBO examinations through British Dance Academy is the opportunity to earn UCAS points. UCAS points are valuable for students applying to universities in the UK, as they contribute to the overall qualifications and achievements considered during the admissions process. The higher-level BBO examinations offered at our centre can earn UCAS points, providing our students with a competitive edge when pursuing higher education opportunities in the UK.

Each of our teachers holds the esteemed certification of being registered teachers with BBO. This recognition not only highlights their expertise and proficiency in teaching dance but also signifies their commitment to upholding the high standards and values set forth by BBO. By having BBO registered teachers at British Dance Academy, we ensure that our students receive exceptional guidance and teaching expertise, personalised attention and access to the latest teaching methodologies and techniques endorsed by BBO.

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