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Young Ballerinas

Our Academic Calendar

September 2023 - June 2024

Welcome to our Academic Calendar!  Here, you'll find a comprehensive schedule of all our upcoming events, observation weeks, examinations and performances.  We believe that a well-organised calendar is essential for staying updated and engaged in the vibrant dance community we've created.

We understand that dance is not just an activity, but a passion that requires dedication and planning.  Our calendar reflects our commitment to providing you with a seamless and enriching dance experience.  You'll also find information about any holiday breaks, studio closures, public holidays and other relevant events that might affect your schedule.

Stay connected and make the most of your dance experience by referring to our regularly updated Academic Calendar.  We encourage you to bookmark this page and check back frequently for the latest information.


If you have any questions or need further assistance, our friendly Student Support team is here to help.  

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