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Young Ballerinas

Dance Studio Etiquette

Welcome to our dance school, where respect and professionalism shine on and off the dance floor.  To ensure a positive and harmonious experience for all, we've outlined our Dance Studio Etiquette.  This set of guidelines is designed to create a supportive and inclusive environment where dancers of all levels can thrive.  Let's dance together with courtesy, enthusiasm and a shared love for the art of movement.

When you're at a dance studio, it's super important to have fun and be respectful to everyone around you. 

Here are some awesome dance studio rules that are easy to remember: 


Time to Shine

Arrive on time with a big smile! Being punctual allows us to begin our dance adventures together without any disruptions.


Dress to Impress

Wear your BDA dance uniform to help you feel confident and let you move freely.  Plus, it helps the teacher see your awesome dance moves!  For our ballerinas, your hair must always be in a bun.  If your hair is too short for a bun, a ponytail is great as well.  For all our other dancers, hair must be tied back to keep your hair off your face.  Remember that dance shoes shouldn’t be worn outside of the studio – you don’t want to get them dirty. 


Be a Dance Captain

Listen up and pay attention to your dance teacher.  They're here to help you learn and have a great time.  Avoid chatting during class so everyone can focus and have fun. 


Dance Family

Treat your dance friends with kindness, support, and encouragement.  We're all part of a special dance family where everyone belongs. 


Bye-Bye Phones

Save the phone fun for later! Keep your cell phones tucked away during class. Dancing is way more fun when we're fully present and focused.


Safety First

Be aware of your surroundings and give fellow dancers plenty of space.  Please remember to remove your jewellery and watches. 


Keep the Energy Up

Stay enthusiastic and engaged throughout the class.  Pay attention to your teacher and let's keep the dance party going.


Tidy Dancers 

Help keep the studio clean by throwing away any trash and organising your stuff.  No food or chewing gum is allowed in the studio and remember to keep leave all valuables at home.  If you see a mess or something unsafe, let your teacher or staff know.  Let's create a sparkling space where dance dreams come to life!


Studio Superstars

Every dance studio has its own special rules, so make sure you know them.  These rules keep everyone safe and help everyone have the best time ever.  Remember, no running around the Academy. 


For our parents/guardians

For our dancers under the age of five (5), you must stay on the premises in case of emotional needs or to take your dancer to the toilet.  Students must be collected as soon as the class has finished.  For dancer progression and feedback, our teachers are happy to speak to you about your dancer but please be aware that the teacher’s time is limited.  It is very likely that there is another class scheduled to start right away and nobody appreciates classes that start and finish late.  If you would like to have a longer conversation about your dancer’s progress, you are welcome to schedule a phone call or meeting with the teacher during non-class hours.  Please note that all students are required to wear the official BDA and BBO exam uniform to every class. 


Remember, dancing is all about having fun, learning and making new friends.


When you follow these rules, you're not only being a fantastic dancer but also creating a dance studio where everyone feels welcome and excited to dance together. 

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